What is DemocraTEA?

DemocraTEA was a public interactive tea exchange, negotiating materials for an improvised and performative campaign embracing people’s concerns of today.

MA Art in Public (students, staff and associates); Susanne Bosch (GER/NI), Astrid Bin (UK), Alice Burns (NI), Seamus Dunbar (ROI), Marie Flaherty (ROI), Suzan Inan (CH), Rob Ireson (ROI/UK), Clara Kane (ROI), Martin Krenn (Austria/NI), Sarah MacKeever (NI), Ciara O’Malley (NI), Dan Shipsides (NI)

Sat 12th November.
10am – 3pm. Public intervention exchange – around the city centre.
4pm – 5pm. March in public from Bouy Park to City Hall (and its webcam).

DemocraTEA was part of the  9th edition of FIX performance art festival will be held 10th-15th November 2011 in Catalyst Arts and around the city centre of Belfast.